About me

Photo of Clare

My interests

My passion is for communicating ideas in an engaging and accessible way through visual and written narratives.

I’m fascinated with how we learn and the role storytelling plays in conveying information using still images, moving images and words.

I’m especially interested in motion graphics, creative writing, data visualisation, digital design, graphic novels, children’s book illustration and how we interact with technology including areas such as UX, UI, AR and VR.

I believe in living sustainably and respecting the environment and each other, which influences my life and working practices.


My background

Before deciding to go freelance I was employed for over fifteen years in graphic design, copy-editing / copywriting, business information and data analysis roles. As a Proposal Designer I worked on bids and designed presentations for blue-chip clients in executive education at London Business School.

I have also worked as an Illustrator creating character designs for an animation company.

I have a Philosophy degree from UCL and an Illustration degree from the University of Westminster for which I specialised in Animation.

I have completed professional courses to extend my skills in areas including finance, proofreading and front-end development.